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Followed by a variety of models of BigBang also appeared in succession, bringing the structure is more sophisticated watch : tourbillon, big date (BigDate) windows, power reserve indicator and two seconds after the needle . Through continuing to explore the concept of rare fusion of materials, combined with the new alloy was dripping try to play . More models available in two sizes to choose from : diameter 41 mm or 44 mm .
June 2006 , Jean-ClaudeBiver founded HublotTV, became the first luxury brand launched an unprecedented own network TV channels , TV programs technician will be responsible for filming and broadcast around the clock news coverage about Hublot . Proceeds on past glory letter in early 2007 , a survey by the BusinessMontres Jean-ClaudeBiver hosted in a public professional accreditation for senior journalists tabulation voted " Best tabulation main reason people " and "Best Communications members . " The BigBang is in the " Wallpaper " magazine's 2007 "Design Competition " get " the best watches Award ."
The new " dive watch " BigBang officially launched - This is the third edition size for reference : BigBangKing has large 48 mm swiss replica watches case , regardless of wrist size up are extremely comfortable to wear . February 2007 , Hublot opened its first shop in Paris , the new store is located in rueSaint-Honoré. The second shop has opened in the summer , is located in Saint-Tropez 's HotelByblos, where views of the lighthouse landings and takeoffs pleasant views. In terms of income , figures have been able to reflect everything. 2004 Jean-ClaudeBiver officially joined when the brand turnover twenty-four million Swiss francs. Until late 2006 , sales have quadrupled to nearly one billion Swiss francs achievements, achieve the target year of 2008 budget. And BigBang series, the brand continues to produce " classic " watch , because about 30 % of customers are more in love with this kind of style, total production reached 24,000 pieces in 2007 and is expected to rise in 2008 to 30,000 pieces ! Since Jean-ClaudeBiver White , Hublot recorded a staggering growth forecast in late 2007 turnover expected to reach one hundred fifty million , two million in 2008 to do . As for human resources, the number had increased to nearly double the current 70 employees. Hublot has two subsidiaries, one in the United States , and the other in Japan. Plans to open a new plant in early 2009 in Switzerland , to replace the existing smaller workshops.
October 2007 , published its first-ever watchmaking company also developed its own watch : Hublot swiss replica watches responsible for the design and development of a new and lightweight alloys, primarily of aluminum and magnesium metal -Hublonium- used in the manufacture of MagBang movement and the case ! This is represents a major innovation, for up to a certain degree of autonomy towards a big step. October 2007 , Hublot further affirmed watchmaking industry and the community , and spent nearly one million dollars to build 1Million $ BigBang watch in 2007 " Geneva Watch of the Year Grand Prix " Victory FC jewelry table is with highly praised for its stunning diamonds ingenious technology and design excellence . The rolex replica uk MagBang also in the same year in Bahrain , " 2007 Middle East watches , jewelery and pens Grand Prix " for re- taking the "Best R & D Award ." The brand's extraordinary power , modern watch design features and credibility poured into its watchmaking technology , prompting BigBang become the hottest market in which a product