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Hublot unlimited creative freedom to promote not only be able to save its unique personality, but also adding a series of dramatic widening of the space collectibles, some are more sophisticated in structure as a selling point to attract .Hublot replica CarloCrocco was not the side of busy engrossed into his design work on the one hand the many activities organized by the Foundation for the MDM -MDM Foundation is a dedicated to aid impoverished children around the world charities - so positive intention to identify suitable candidates for him at the helm of the entire disk system table business. The end of 2003 , Jean-ClaudeBiver decided to take a year to reflect and rest. But he is actually a break from people not accustomed to . Subsequently when he met CarloCrocco, they become attached after very congenial .
May 2004 , Jean-ClaudeBiver took over as the Hublot replica watches uk CEO , became a member of the executive board and the minority shareholders . He has a head full of innovative , promising ideas to promote the future development of the brand . Jean-ClaudeBiver is one of the legendary figures in the Swiss watchmaking industry in the same reputation . Born in Luxembourg, 20 September 1949 , the family moved to Switzerland since he was 10 years old . He then rush out to LeBrassus after graduation. Famous for the production of luxury watches origin JouxValley indeed have a profound impact on his life . He quickly integrate into life here , living in a farm nearby . A few years later , it became the headquarters of Blancpain . And he also married here in 1979 . Jean-ClaudeBiver join watchmaking industry from 1975 ; First joined Audemars Piguet, then the effectiveness of Omega . In 1981, he was accompanied by his friends JacquesPiguet acquired brand Blancpain calm down . 10 years later , the company's business success. In order to protect the interests of the company and to promote the harmonious development of the future can be made ​​, two partners eventually determined selling. NicolasHayek and TheSwatchGroup although officially acquired in 1992 Blancpain , but Jean-ClaudeBiver remains as a permanent director and the Executive Board of Directors TheSwatchGroup a seat to the end of 2003 . Under the leadership of Jean-ClaudeBiver brand new CEO , Hublot brand to develop a new perspective watchmaking philosophy, re-interpretation of the essence when drip detachment of dollars . Combined with the use of a variety of materials such as gold , ceramic , tantalum metal , rose gold, titanium or magnesium metal and other materials integration, combined with the Swiss watchmaking tradition and 21st century art of watchmaking Transcend , while adhering to the Hublot watch Bijou grid and timeless design .
Less than a year , Jean-ClaudeBiver met the challenge of creating a new series brought in Basel 2005 to April Hublot replica watches uk " BigBang " as the call timer is fused to a good interpretation of the concept . New challenges unprecedented success. BigBang timer has attracted wide appreciation , won several international awards: the revered 2005 " Geneva Watches Grand Prix Year " won the "Best Design Award " is one of a remarkable achievement. Subsequently , " Watch of the Year Competition " held in Japan awarded more "Best sports watch Award" and won the award in the Middle East - Bahrain " Watch of the Year Grand Prix " was a public editor rating of " most Best oversize style watch award . "